Model T101 2000V SCR / Diode Tester, 120V 60Hz Powered, CEHCO

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SCR’s and Diodes are used in the power sections of various power systems. A SCR Diode Tester is an important equipment to determine if a SCR or a diode is defective in a power circuit. It is difficult and time consuming to trouble shoot SCR’s and Diodes with a digital meter.

It is important to determine the true peak inverse voltage of a SCR or a diode. SCR Diode Tester helps determine the peak inverse voltage.

It is important to group SCR’s or Diodes with adequate peak inverse voltages for optimum operation of a rectifier circuit. SCR Diode Tester helps isolate marginal parts among the group.

CEHCO’s SCR Diode tester has been used in the industry for more than 20 years. It was the first of its kind built. It is a compact durable unit and ideal for any maintenance department. It becomes easy to isolate and trouble shoot diodes, SCR’s and thyristors with this instrument.

The T101R/2V DIODE and SCR tester puts the sophisticated testing capability of high-priced, specialized units into a portable package that is economically priced and easy to use. It includes provisions for checking DIODES and SCR’s (includes axial leads, stud mount, and flat packs) for opens, shorts, leaks, and breakdown under actual operating conditions. The leakage test applies a continuously variable peak voltage from 0 to 2,000 volts. This test shows if the DIODE or SCR will breakdown under operating conditions and is monitored by a peak reading DC voltmeter and ammeter. A built-in current trip disconnects power if the leakage current exceeds 15 milliamps during DIODE tests or 10 milliamps during SCR tests. The SCR gating test checks gate control characteristics and provides a means of matching SCR’s according to their gate-current characteristics. This test is also monitored by a DC voltmeter and ammeter. The T101R/2V is a compact 17″W x 12″D x 6″H inches and it operates on 120 VAC, 60 Hz line voltages. An easy to use instruction plate is included inside the front cover. Unit comes with test leads and compressor block. For 120 VAC, 50 Hz models, consult the factory.


Aux. Power Supply Linear ~110/120VAC, 50/60Hz