Model SPVRB 3P 240VAC L-L Relay Voltage Monitor, 60Hz, ITI

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Protection of three phase electric equipment sensitive to damage from a phase loss or phase unbalance.
Phase reversal, phase sequence.

The Model SPVRB Voltage Sensing Relay is designed to protect against single phase, phase loss, phase unbalance, phase reversal, and under or over voltage in a power system.  The output  contacts change their normal state only when a phase loss, phase unbalance, phase reversal, under or overvoltage occurs for longer than the preset trip delay. A total power loss de-energization of the SPVRB relay will not change the output contact position. Recommended for manually reset switches and breakers applications.  The SPVRB is suitable for loss of phase with motor loads.

Standard Features

  • Phase Unbalance: 8 %
  • Adjustable Trip Delay 1 to 10 seconds after failure occurs.
  • Output Relay: normally de-energized:
    Form C contacts for easy circuit configuration.
  • Electro-Mechanical Indicator: retains memory of fault until manually reset.
  • Door or Panel mounting.
  • Status Indicator: Bi-colored LED
    • Green: Output Relay De-energized (Normal Condition)
    • Red: Output Relay Energized Fault Condition)
    • Dark: Output relay De energized (Input Power Off).
  • Single Phase, Phase Reversal, Phase Unbalance and Phase Loss Protection:
    Operates the output relay after a pre-selected time.
  • Automatic or Manual mode: 
    • Automatic mode: Upon removal of fault conditions,
      relay automatically resets to normal.
    • Manual mode: Upon removal of fault conditions, relay resets to normal after
      local/remote reset button has been pressed.

SPVRB Datasheet


Brand Instrument Transformers Inc
Input Range 3P3W 240VAC L-L
Input Frequency 60Hz
Output Relay
Tariff Code 8536.41.0050