SPVR2-120 EI

Model SPVR2 3P 120VAC L-L Relay Voltage Monitor, 60Hz Electromagnetic Industries

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Model EI-SPVR2 Relay

Application: The EI-SPVR2 is designed to monitor Phase to Phase voltage for three Phase electrical equipment that are sensitive to Phase Loss, Phase Unbalance, Phase Reversal, Over-Voltage, and Under-Voltage conditions.

The SPVR2 has a set of “Form C” contacts that change state if an abnormal condition exists for the duration of the adjustable time delay. The exception is that the unit will trip  instantaneously ant time it detects a Phase Reversal or the Over-Voltage reaches 150% of rated voltage, or the voltage drops below 50% rated voltage after being in Under-Voltage alarm conditions for more than 1 sec.

Standard Features

  • Power On Indication (LED)

  • “Form C” contacts

  • Phase Reversal Protection with LED indication

  • Phase Unbalance Protection (2% to 8% Adjustable) with LED indication

  • Phase Loss Protection with LED indication

  • Under voltage Protection (80%) with LED indication

  • Over Voltage Protection (115%) with LED indication

  • Adjustable Trip Time Delay (0 to 30 Sec.)

  • Adjustable Reset Time Delay (except for the 120V version) (1 Sec to 5 min.)

  • Automatic Reset when condition clears and at Power Up

  • Clear Cover

  • Maintain Fault indication after Loss of Power.

SPVR2 Relay Datasheet


Brand Electromagnetic Industries
Model SPVR2
Input Range 3P3W 120VAC L-L
Input Frequency 60Hz
Output Relay
Tariff Code 8536.30.0000
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