Model FJ 2000 Ampere 100 Millivolt Switchboard Shunt, Crompton

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General Information

Shunts are separately mounted units used for extending measurement of currents beyond the available limits of self-contained DC ammeters.

The large capacity type switchboard shunt is designed for permanent installation in bus bar circuits.

Where possible, all shunts should be mounted on the grounded side of the circuit.

Crompton shunts are designed for use with standard 50mV or 100mV panel meters, switchboard indicating, or recording instruments, calibrated in terms of the ampere rating of the shunts.  The millivolt (mV) drop of the shunt is adjusted at the factory to withing +/-0.25%.

For continuous operation, it is recommended that shunts are not run at more than 2/3 the rated current under normal conditions of use as per AIEEE standards.


The resistance blades are made of manganin shunt strip, having a negligible temperature co-efficiant and thermoelectric effect, therefore avoiding errors due to heating.  Shunts may be connected (without error) in parallel, to measure heavy current when each shunt has a separate pair of millivolt leads connected to the instrument terminals.


Brand Crompton
Model FJ
Input Range 0-2000A
Output 0-100mV
Shunt Resistance 50 µΩ (0.00005 Ohms)
Tariff Code 8533.29.0090