Model EJA530E 0.5-50MPa (72.5-7200psi), 4-20mADC Output with HART5/7, Wetted Parts: 316L SST for 1/2NPT Female Process conn. & others, M20 Electrical Connection, Hastelloy C-276 Diaphragm, Cast Aluminum Housing, , with Display, 316 SST 2-inch pipe mounting bracket, ATEX Intrinsically Safe, Anti-Corrosion Coating, Yokogawa

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The high performance absolute and gauge pressure transmitter EJA510E and EJA530E feature single crystal silicon resonant sensor and are suitable to measure liquid, gas, or steam pressure.  EJA510E and EJA530E output a 4 to 20 mA DC signal corresponding to the measured pressure. It also features quick response, remote setup and monitoring via BRAIN or HART communications and self-diagnostics. FOUNDATION Fieldbus, PROFIBUS PA and 1 to 5 V DC with HART (Low Power) protocol types are also available. 

EJA-E series models in their standard configuration, with the exception of the Fieldbus, PROFIBUS and Low Power types, are certified as complying with SIL 2 for safety requirement.


Brand Yokogawa
Series YTA
Model YTA610
Input Range 0.5-50MPa (72.5-7200psi)
Output 4-20mADC, HART
Tariff Code 9032896040