Model LA 75 Ampere 50 Millivolt Shunt, Canadian Shunt, AA55524/1-006

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Shunts are separately mounted units used for extending measurement of currents beyond the available limits of self-contained DC ammeters.  Where possible, all shunts should be mounted on the grounded side of the circuit and must be mounted on the grounded side of circuits above 750 volts.  The millivolt drop of the shunt is adjusted at the factory to within +/-0.25%.  The resistance blades are made of manganin, having a negligible temperature coefficient and thermoelectric effect, therefore avoiding errors due to heating.  

The LA series of shunts by Canadian Shunt are commercial versions of those designed by the military and controlled by MIL-S-61B and revised by MS91586. The differences between the commercial and military versions lie within the hardware and the testing that the shunts are subjected to.  The LA series is offered with a 50 mV output and amperage ratings ranging from 5 amps through 150 amps. The LA series of shunts comply with Commercial Item Description AA55524.

Equivalent Military Shunt Standards:

  • MS Part# 91586-3
  • Mil-S-61B Type Designation: MSA750
  • AN Part# Unknown

Note: For continuous operation, it is recommended that shunts not run at more than two thirds (2/3) the rated current under normal conditions of use as per AIEEE standards.


Brand Canadian Shunt
Model LA
Input Range 0-75A
Output 0-50mV
Tariff Code 8533.29.0000
Current Shunt
Shunt Resistance 66.66 µΩ (0.00006667 Ohms)
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