5SFT-750 EI

Model 5SFT 75:5A Ratio CT, 1.5VA, 1.56" Window, Electromagnetic Industries

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  • Brand
  • Model
  • Input Range
  • Input Frequency
  • Accuracy
  • Output
  • Tariff Code
  • ECCN
  • Insulation Level
  • CT Burden VA Max.
  • CT Ratio
  • CT Window

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Model 5SFT (1.56 inch window diameter and a square case with molded feet and terminals)

  • Application: Used with ammeters, wattmeters, and cross current compensation.
  • Frequency: 50 - 400Hz
  • Insulation Level: 600 Volts, 10kv BIL Full Wave
  • Terminals are brass studs No. 8-32 UNC with one flat washer, one lock washer and one nut each. Terminals are torque tested to 11 inch-lb.


Brand Electromagnetic Industries
Model 5
Input Range 0-75AAC
Input Frequency 60Hz
Accuracy 2% Class
Output 0-5AAC
Tariff Code 8504.31.0000
Insulation Level 600V, 10kV BIL full wave
Current Transformers
CT Burden VA Max. 1.5VA
CT Ratio 75:5A
CT Window 1.56" Diameter