Model 29 0-20uADC Scale 0-5 0-20 and 1E-8 to 1E-4 Torr, Knife Edge Pointer, 4.5" Rectangular series, Simpson Electric

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Made with a self-shielding Annular d'Arsonval movement, this meter can be installed in steel panels without requiring recalibration. The Pivot and Jewel suspension is spring-loaded for shock protection. The case and cover feature the original Bakelite construction.

As a Simpson Authorized Modification and Repair Center, we comple final modifications and calibration in our laboratory. This meter, when produced this way, is not Underwriter Laboratories Recognized.

As an Authorized Simpson Modification Center, we can offer custom upgrades, such custom artworks and adding logos to dial artworks.


Brand Simpson Electric
Series Rectangular
Model 29
Form Factor 4-Stud Mount, Panel: 4.5-Inch ANSI C39.1
Input Range 0-20µADC
Input Frequency DC
Scale, Range, or Display 0-20, 0-5, 1E-8 to 1E-4 Torr
Accuracy ±2% of Full Scale
Tariff Code 9030.33.0040