190X5000 ITI

Model 190X 5:5A Ratio CT, Primary Wound, ITI

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This combination does not exist.

The Model 190X is an auxiliary transformer for use in the secondary of main current transformers to change the ratio for metering applications. Since the Model 190X is used in the secondary of another current transformer it has no voltage rating. It is given a 2500 volt 60Hz high potential test. It is designed to be used on circuits not to exceed 600 volts to ground or between windings. 

Frequency: 50-400 Hz.
Insulation Level: 0.6 kV, BIL 10 kV full wave.
Continuous Thermal Rating Factor: 1.33 at 30°C. ambient, 1.0 at 55°C. ambient

ANSI Metering Class: 0.3 B0.5

Terminals are brass studs No. 8-32 with one flatwasher, lockwasher and regular nut, for ratios up to 25:5 and 1/4-20 studs for higher ratios.
Order mounting bracket kit No. 0221B00777
Approximate weight 4 lbs.

Model 190 & 190X by ITI.pdf


Brand Instrument Transformers Inc
Model 190X
Input Range 0-5AAC
Input Frequency 60Hz
Output 0-5AAC
CT Ratio 5:5A
CT Continuous Thermal Rating Factor 1.33 at 30°C amb., 1.0 at 55°C amb.
Insulation Level 600V, 10kV BIL full wave
Tariff Code 8504.31.4035