Model 007-DI 0-5AAC Scale 0-75AAC, 50/60Hz, 100-250V AC/DC Aux., Switchboard series, Crompton

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Crompton Instruments model 007-DI features a combination of the traditional 250 degree 4.5" switchboard indicator with the trend indication plus the benefits of wide angle LED visibility. This rugged shock and vibration resistant design provides precision accuracy and instantaneous reading via the bright in-dial mounted 3 1/2" digit LED display.


Model 007-DI digital analog indicators are ideal for all applications where moving pointer instruments are preferable to indicate trend with the simultaneous display of a high visibility precision LED readout for increased user interface. The 007-DI is interchangeable with other analog and digital instruments designed to directly mount in to a standard ANSI-C39. 4.5" switchboard cut-out. Available in side, center, or off-set zero versions, the 007-DI can accept AC and DC current and voltage inputs as well as a wide range of transducer outputs, making it suitable for a variety of other applications including low-load current, temperature, speed, Watt/VARs, percent and level.


  • Rugged shock and vibration resistant pivot and jewel design
  • High accuracy LED display
  • Wide selection of AC and DC inputs
  • Maximum trend indication visibility
  • Input isolation
  • External decimal point section option (Special Order)
  • Interchangeable with 4.5" switchboard meters
  • Class 1 accuracy


  • Cost effective
  • Designed for North American Market, Meets all the requirement of ANSI-C39.1 (1981)
  • IP54 (NEMA 3) protection
  • Bump, shock and vibration proof
  • Parallax error-free platform dials
  • One piece moulded plastic shatterproof front cover
  • Tough, crystal clear polycarbonate windows

Customized option and features

  • Optional IP55 (NEMA 4) gasket
  • Optional Scaling to customer's requirements
  • Optional Calibration for mounting other than vertical


  • 103-131-LSPB
  • 123-131-LSPB
  • 077-05FA-LSPB-C6
  • 077-DIBA-LSPB-C6


Brand Crompton
Series Switchboard
Model 007-DI
Form Factor 4-Stud Mount, Switchboard: 4.5-Inch ANSI C39.1
Input Range 0-5AAC
Input Frequency 50Hz, 60Hz
Scale, Range, or Display 0-75AAC
Accuracy ±1% of Full Scale, ±0.1% of Reading, ±10 counts
Aux. Power Supply Switching ~100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Tariff Code 9030.39.3000
Current Transformers
CT Ratio 75:5A
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