Model 007 3P3W 120VAC L-L 0-5AAC Scale 0-20MWAC, 50/60Hz, Unbalanced Load, Switchboard series, Crompton

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Crompton Switchboard AC Watt meters and VAr meters: 

3P3W, Unbalanced Load, 2-Element 

The Crompton Instruments Switchboard series of AC Watt meters and VAr meters incorporate a DC moving coil, pivot and jewel indicator with a micro-circuit watt transducer PCB to read power on three-phase systems. The most frequently selected Current and Voltage Transformers are listed on the dropdown boxes above.  The selection shifts to show only compatible combinations for the range of each watt meter.  In addition, these instruments may be supplied with zero-left or center-zero scale if requested.


Watt meter and VAr meter current circuits should have equal carrying capacity because they are frequently connected in series. This means that the sum of the left and right end-scale values of the VAr meters should be equal to or greater than the full scale value of the Wattmeter (or have higher end-scale values if the instruments are center or offset-zero).  Instruments measuring 10,000 kilowatts and over are marked in megawatts. Center-zero or offset-zero Watt and VAr meters are marked “IN” for left deflection and “OUT” for right deflection. Custom scales are available upon request.

Non-standard PT and CT ratios

For non-standard PT and CT ratios, use the formulas below to check that the scale value in watts for this meter falls between the minimum and maximum values as calculated below for a given combination of PT and CT ratios.

  • 3-phase 3-wire Watts = Primary Amps × Primary (L-L) Volts × √3
    • Example: CT ratio of 62.5:5A and a PT ratio of 3,300/120V
    • 62.5A × 3,300V × √3 = 357235 watts (357kW)
    • Since the nearest scale value is 350kW, calculating the minimum and maximum scale values may not be necessary, but could be instructive, depending on your situation.  
  • Minimum scale value = 3p3w Watts × 0.7 and selecting next higher standard scale.
    • Example: 357kW × 0.7 = 250kW
    • If you know you will only be using a small portion of your maximum CT primary rating, selecting a standard scale close to your calculated minimum may be to your advantage.
  • Maximum scale value = 3p3w Watts × 1.3 and select the next lowest standard.
    • Example: 357kW × 1.3 = 464kW
    • If you know you will be seeing frequent, momentary overloads of your maximum CT primary rating, selecting a standard scale close to your calculated maximum may be to your advantage.
  • Example: If testing for a 400kW meter, the CT and PT ratio listed above (62.5:5A, 3,300/120V) would be valid.
    • 250kW < 400kW < 464kW
    • For this example, valid kW ranges would also include:
      • 250kW (ideal for low demand)
      • 300kW
      • 350kW (Ideal for most circumstances)
      • 400kW
      • 450kW (Ideal for high demand such as momentary overloads)
  • Standard, Available, and Special Ranges for 3P3W Switchboard Wattmeters
    • Standard ranges appear in 4 or more of the columns below.
    • Available ranges appear in the table below.
    • Special ranges available upon request.


10 kW

100 kW

1,000 kW
1 MW

10 MW

100 MW

10 KW100 KW1,000 KW
1 MW
10 MW100 MW

1,100 KW
1.1 MW
11 MW

12 KW120 KW1,200 KW
1.2 MW
12 MW

125 KW

1,300 KW
1.3 MW

14 KW140 KW1,400 KW
1.4 MW

15 KW150 KW1,500 KW
1.5 MW
15 MW

1,600 KW
1.6 MW
16 MW

1,700 KW
1.7 MW

175 KW1,750 KW17.5 MW

18 KW
1,800 KW
1.8 MW
18 MW

1,900 KW
1.9 MW

20 KW200 KW2,000 KW
2 MW
20 MW200 MW

2,200 KW
2.2 MW

2,400 KW
2.4 MW

25 KW250 KW2,500 KW
2.5 MW
25 MW

2,600 KW
2.6 MW

30 KW300 KW3,000 KW
3 MW
30 MW

35 KW350 KW3,500 KW35 MW

40 KW400 KW4,000 KW
4 MW
40 MW

45 KW450 KW4,500 KW
4.5 MW
45 MW
5,000 W50 KW500 KW5,000 KW
5 MW
50 MW

550 KW

6,000 W60 KW600 KW6,000 KW
6 MW
60 MW
7,000 W70 KW700 KW7,000 KW
7 MW

7,500 W75 KW750 KW7,500 KW
7.5 MW
75 MW
8,000 W80 KW800 KW8,000 KW
8 MW
80 MW
9,000 W
900 KW9,000 KW
9 MW
90 MW

Technical Specifications

  • Burden per element: Current circuit: 2VA  |  Voltage Circuit: 1VA
  • Accuracy Class: 1.0
  • Ambient range: 0° to ± 60° (32° to 104°F) std. calibration 20°C (68°F)
  • Ambient influence: 0.05% per 1°C maximum
  • Overloads-current: 10 x rating for 5 seconds, 1.2 x continuously
  • Voltage influence: 2 x rating for 5 seconds, 1.2 x continuously voltage
    • Accuracy maintained, 80 - 110% rated voltage
  • Power factor influence: Accuracy maintained, 0.1 lag to 0.1 lead
  • Enclosure code: 007 IP54 optional IP55  |  078 IP67
  • Response time: 007 and 078 approximately 2.5 seconds
  • Dielectric withstand: Live parts to case including panel 2600V RMS for 1 minute


Brand Crompton
Series Switchboard
Model 007
Form Factor 4-Stud Mount, Switchboard: 4.5-Inch ANSI C39.1
Input Range 3P3W 120VAC L-L 0-5AAC
Input Frequency 50Hz, 60Hz
Scale, Range, or Display 0-2000kWAC
Accuracy ±1% of Full Scale
Tariff Code 9028.30.1900
Current Transformers
CT Ratio Select or Specify or 100:5A or 120:5A or 125:5A or 150:5A or 300:5A or 400:5A or 500:5A or 600:5A or 750:5A or 800:5A or 1,000:5A or 1,200:5A or 1,500:5A or 1,600:5A or 2,000:5A or 2,500:5A or 3,000:5A or 3,200:5A or 3,500:5A or 4,000:5A or 5,000:5A or 6,000:5A or 7,000:5A or 7,500:5A or 8,000:5A
Potential Transformers
PT/VT Turns Ratio Select or Specify or 20/1 or 25/1 or 30/1 or 34.7/1 or 35/1 or 40/1 or 50/1 or 55/1 or 60/1 or 70/1 or 85/1 or 100/1 or 110/1 or 115/1 or 120/1 or 150/1 or 175/1 or 200/1 or 230/1 or 300/1